Project Description
This project contains tools and utilities developed by the RDA Corporation collaboration team that we hope the community will find useful. These tools and utilities reflect our diverse project experience and encompass various technologies including:
  • SharePoint MOSS
  • WSS
  • Workflow
    • SharePoint
    • WF
    • K2
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Ideas or suggestions for other utilities? Contact us at RDA Collaboration, or add it to our Issue Tracker.

SharePoint Server 2010
  1. Property Bag Cmdlet - PowerShell cmdlet provides access to properties of a SharePoint farm, web app, site and web objects

MOSS 2007
  1. Property Bag Utility - provides command line access to properties of a SharePoint site through the STSADM utility
  2. Logging and Exception Handling Solution - demonstrates how to use standard ASP.NET techniques to incorporate Logging and Exception Handling in a SharePoint web-site
  3. Site Navigation Tree View - custom tree view for a SharePoint project that can be bound to any Site Map Provider to show the Site Heirachy of a SharePoint site
  4. Referential Integrity Assistant - the RDA List Referential Integrity Solution shows how to ensure basic referential integrity for SharePoint lists.
  5. Deploy AjaxToolkit Utility - deploys the AjaxToolkit assembly to the GAC and related web.config changes using a Web Application-level feature.
  6. Site Information Viewer - Webpart that enumerates the sites for the site collection it is on and allows users to see site information about the respective site from the SharePoint API.
  7. Global Navigation - Cross site collection navigation solution to replace the out of the box datasource for SharePoint menus that only works with a single site collection.
  8. Reset to Site Definition - Stsadm extension to reset a site and all sub-sites to their site definitions.
  9. SharePoint URL Redirector - Allows you to redirect URL requests within your SharePoint environment by defining rules that translates incoming URL requests.

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